And the Most Googled Contender for the Role of Sex-Loving Christian Grey is…

So on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show yesterday, he mentioned the top 3 most Googled contenders for the coveted role of Christian Grey in the upcoming (but who knows when) 50 Shades of Grey movie which apparently will be rated NC-17. Starting at number 3…

Chris Hemsworth


Okay…he’s a stud. We could see it. He needs darker hair though.

Number 2…

Ian Somerhalder (*sigh*)…my personal choice!


He’s hot, he can be funny and snarky…he’d be perfect.

And finally (drum roll please)…the most Googled contender for the role of Christian Grey is…wait for it…



Good God no. I would puke…it would make the mommy porn book series feel more like kiddie porn.

And who the hell would play Anastasia????

Honey Boo Boo???



Vampire Diaries vs Twilight – Which Bloodsuckers Rule? (and a Sneak Peak at the Season 4 Premiere)

I am obsessed with all things undead and fanged.


I have no idea. All I DO know is that I’ve been anticipating the Oct. 11 premiere of Vampire Diaries like a choc-o-holic’s field trip the the Hershey factory. I’ve been anticipating this even more than the final chapter of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 which comes out on November 16…and yes…my friend Lela and I will be there for the first show with all the other Twi-moms.

But honestly…in my humble, housewife opinion…Vampire Diaries KICKS TWILIGHT’S ICE COLD ASS!


Maybe now that Bella is finally a vampire and so, isn’t so “fragile”, Edward will finally lose the pained, angst-filled, “I have to take a giant crap but I can’t” look and lighten up a bit. The Cullen’s have GOT to be sick of saving her (Bella’s) ass all the time and maybe, just maybe, we’ll see her actually smile…a real smile!

However, The Cullens are no match for the sexy Salvatore brothers – sure, Stefan is a bit of a brooder but not to the extent of Edward. And Damon…he’s hot, he’s funny, he’s a bit bad (but in a good way) – what’s not to love?

Elena vs. Bella: both a bit “helpless” and in constant need of being protected which is somewhat annoying (why can’t we throw a Katniss into the mix? Now THAT would be interesting) but I find Elena less annoying than Bella. Elena appears to have a life outside of her vampire loves – her friends and brother – but Bella wants NOTHING but the Cullens.

The other characters on Vampire Diaries add a lot to the show as well – Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy, Tyler, Matt etc – that keeps it fun and keeps us engaged. I care about those characters as much as Elena, Stefan and Damon.

Sorry…I just don’t find the Cullens all that interesting. So Carlyle dies…what the hell did he add anyway.


So…for those like me who can’t wait for Thursday’s premiere, here’s a little bit of what to expect this season plus a sneak peek at the premiere episode:

* The way in which Elena remembers one of the memories Damon compelled her to forget is quite visually clever. If the intent was to catch viewers off-guard, well done!

* There is a lot of squabbling-sibling drama, and it’s not all relegated to Damon and Stefan.

* Bonnie’s a bit of a badass in the season opener. But it’ll cost her big time, in a way that’s pretty surprising.

* Let’s just say you don’t need sex to have a sexy (and somewhat disturbing) Damon-and-Elena scene.

* A tender moment between Stefan and Elena manages to thaw even Rebekah’s heart.

* Caroline and Tyler just can’t keep their clothes on.

* Elena’s failure to keep down animal blood provides for some truly gross scenes. It also makes her resort to something that doesn’t make Stefan very happy.

* Mystic Falls returning resident April (Grace Phipps) needs a hug for many reasons.

* Damon’s still saving a seat at the bar. Sniff.



Ian Somerhalder…the Big Screen’s Christian Grey? Who Should Play Anastasia?


Could we be looking at the big screen’s version of Christian Grey???? I would pay HIM to be his submissive!!

With a dominant who looks like him, who wouldn’t misbehave just to get spanked!

Rumor has it (US Weekly to give credit where credit is due) that the Vampire Diaries hunk is said to be in contention for the coveted role of Christian Grey…the multi-billionaire stud in E.L. James’s hugely popular triology, “50 Shades of Grey.”

Dubbed “mommy porn”, the controversial book series follows college graduate (and lucky bitch!) Anastasia Steele as she meets and enters into a weird, twisted relationship with billionaire Grey…who is into the whole dominant-submissive thing.

Come on…I love me some Robert Pattinson, but would Ian have made an awesome Edward Cullen or what????

BTW…I am now on book three (“50 Shades Freed”) of the “Grey” series. I actually loved book two (“50 Shades Darker”) even better than book one!

My husband is annoyed, foreseeing a Twilight-like obsession brewing for the next few years!

If you’ve read the books (or at least the first one), who do you think would make a good Anastasia Steele? She describes herself as a “pale, brown-haired girl with blue eyes too big for her face”. Any of these ladies? I’m thinking Emma Stone or Amanda Seyfried. (From top left clockwise it’s Emmy Rossum, Missy Peregrym, Shailene Woodley, Rachel Bilson, Emma Stone and Amanda Seyfried.