Unintentionally Inappropriate (or were they??) Test Answers by Kids

Kids…is there any question why they often drive us parents to drink (or what bad reality TV just to escape?) The teachers who were on the receiving end of these gems certainly got a good laugh! Enjoy these unintentionally inappropriate test answers from kids…


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50 Shades of Grey…the Later Years


Alright…they – Anastasia and Christian – might be swingin’ naked from chandeliers now, but let’s check back in with them when they’re a middle-aged, “old” married couple…

The Sex Toys

Nipple clips Now that Ana has breastfed a few kids, she can tuck her boobs into her pants. So…she’s found a new use for Christian’s nipple clips…she uses them to pinch the saggy skin to lift her nipples up to where they should be!

Handcuffs Finding dad’s “stash” of handcuffs and blindfolds, Christan Jr…miffed that his little sister turned his Superhero lego tower into Barbie’s resort hotel…handcuffed her to the toilet and flushed the key.

Vibrator While playing dress ups in mom’s closet, little girl Grey came across mom’s vibrating “back massager” and took it to her next slumber party

Butt plugs The only butt plugs in the Grey household are “natural” ones resulting from a lack of fiber in their diet

Habits that Were Once Thought Cute and Sexy but are Now Annoying as Sh#t

Ana’s lower lip biting: 

Christian: “Are ya hungry? Because you’re chewing your f-ing lip like it’s frickin filet mignon!”

Christian wearing his sweatpants so they hang “just so” off his hips:

Ana: “For God sake Marky Mark…get some pants that frickin’ fit.”

Christian tilting his head to the side “just so”

Ana: “Hey Horatio Caine (CSI: Miami)…ya got a kink in your neck or something?”