oscar-statueEvery year I say I’m going to do it and I never do. And no, I’m not talking about losing 10 pounds, alphabetizing my spice rack or Botoxing my underarms so I stop looking like my pits spit up at the most inopportune times.

No…I’m talking about seeing every movie up for a Best Picture Oscar…BEFORE the Oscars are awarded.

Just when I was getting close to accomplishing my goal, the Academy decided it would be a great idea to double the number of films up for best picture. Why???? Was it not more of an honor if you were one of the five nominated? Only one picture still wins…I don’t get it. But, it is what it is.

So, here are this year’s nominees:

Life of Pi
Silver Linings Playbook
Beasts of the Southern Wild
Les Miserables
Django Unchained
Zero Dark Thirty

Two that strike me as ones I won’t be thrilled to see: Amour and Beasts of the Southern Wild. I haven’t even seen them in theaters…not a good sign (at least my attention span). But I’m committed.

So, pathetically, I have only seen one to date: Les Miserables. Here is my Review…

lesmisLes Miserables

This was one of my absolute favorite Broadway productions. I LOVED it! So, the movie had a lot to live up to. First…let’s start with how in the hell to properly pronounce it so that you can look intelligent and in the know when you discuss the movie while drowing your sorrows in a drink (because that’s what you’ll feel like doing after seeing it.)

The correct pronunciation is: Lay Mee-say-hrabl
For the end part…pretend that you are about to clear a giant hocker from your throat and then immediately follow that with a rah-bl. Or just say Lay-Miz like the rest of us and be done with it.

So…in short…I LOVED it. Though I had a strange urge to take a shower and clean under my fingernails the whole time.
What was great about it: The songs of course. Anne Hathaway singing I Dreamed a Dream was of course, AMAZING. And the fact that she did that scene in one take is truly unbelievable. Also, the little girl how played young Cosette…I thought was a great singing “Castle on a Cloud”
What I hated: Anytime Russell Crowe opened his mouth to sing. Great in his role as Javert…AWFUL at singing. Maybe this is where seeing the stage production hurt the movie for me. The man who played Javert on stage had such a deep, bellowing voice. Russell Crowe, to me, just seemed dull and flat when he sang and found it somewhat distracting. When he sang his swan song…let’s just say I found myself thinking, “Oh for God sake, just jump already and put us all out of our misery.”
What I absolutely LOVED about it: Any scene that Sacha Baron Cohen was in. When I first heard he was in it , I thought, “What? Really? Borat is in Les Mis?” But let me tell you…he and Helena Bonham Carter steal the show. Cohen in particular is hysterical and a MUCH needed comic relief…without it, you may have found yourself making yourself choke on your bucket of popcorn.
What was a negative about it: It is LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG. Even if you love, love, love the music. It is long. At times I found myself drifting off, thinking about the many ways to torture the butthead behind me kicking my seat. The singing of every line, though I know that is the point of this type of show, I found tedious sometimes.

But all in all, it was AWESOME and Oscar worthy. I give it a champagne flute salute!

In fact, I found myself singing my parental frustration to my kids (imagine this to the tune of “Call Me Maybe”): “You’re all spoiled brats, you make me crazy…you’re so grounded…and you’re lazy!”

Next up: Zero Dark Thirty


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